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International Golf Vacation Packages
And Hundreds Of Beautiful, Marriage Minded Women

All inclusive golf vacation tour packages from $895.00
Now you can affordably experience your passion for a relaxing round of golf on a variety of beautiful international golf courses and satisfy your desire to meet hundreds of lovely, equally beautiful women, when you are off the golf courses!

Your Tour Destinations
International travel destinations for your tour packages.
Golf package destinations such as Hawaii, Florida, California, Arizona, and even those in Ireland and the UK, are wonderful opportunities. However, for a similar cost, they pale in comparison to the features and international destinations offered by AFA on their package tours. Never before has a golfing vacation been such an exciting overall adventure for single men!
Typical Tour Itinerary
Typical itineraries for your romance and golfing tour packages.
Here is an example itinerary of your combination golf and romance tour vacation package. From this example, you simply need to add time for your golfing passion as frequently as you and the other members of the group desire. You may be visiting a variety of golf courses from area country clubs to local public and municipal courses. Your golfing options are only limited by the international region of choice!
The Women You Will Meet
An intorduction to the women you will meet on your golf and romance tour package.
Long before you pack up your golf clubs, balls and tees to head to the airport for your golf and romance vacation, you will have the opportunity to view profiles, communicate and even talk with hundreds of women that you can or will meet on your golfing vacation. These are REAL women who are actively seeking a lifemate and marriage. You will be meeting them between golf games with your group members and even invite them to accompany you for a round of 18 holes on a beautiful international golf course!
Popular Golf Vacation Links
An intorduction to the women you will meet on your golf and romance tour package.
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     What are you considering when choosing your golf vacation? . . .   

    club house of Moscow country club. If you're a single man, with a special passion for the great game of golf, and looking for vacation travel opportunities, you will no doubt be considering several courses of opportunity. Your first course of thought probably would be a fun and, perhaps, somewhat exotic location such as Hawaii with the beautiful country clubs and golf courses just off the stunning beaches of any of those American Pacific Hawaiian islands. Or perhaps you are thinking of one of the more popular destinations in Europe such as Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain or other options in the United Kingdom (UK) with all of their renowned country club courses. Then again, you may be leaning more towards popular golf link destinations in the continental United States such California, Florida, Scottsdale, Arizona or the most popular United States vacation destination of Las Vegas, Nevada and the Nevada resorts and golfing resort communities. Since most vacationers will not be spending their ENTIRE time on the beautiful fairways of their chosen destination, your second consideration will be entertainment venues and opportunities for your off course time. As a single man, admittedly or not, this second consideration would have to include options and opportunities to meet single women. Well there is now nothing more to think about. AFA's golf vacation packages have all of your considerations covered: Affordable, exotic destinations; beautiful, unique golf courses for daily golfing; unlimited entertainment options and hundreds of lovely, single, marriage-minded women of all ages just waiting to meet you upon your arrival!

     Who is AFA and what are their international singles tours? . . .   

    Serving singles since 1995. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona (USA), "A Foreign Affair" was established in 1995 and over the last ten years has quickly grown to become the largest and most reputable international introduction and romance travel and tour company for single men in the world. Regularly featured in major media worldwide, their reputation is unparalleled by any company in the singles travel and introduction industry. AFA maintains affiliate offices in EVERY destination city for only the best service and support for all of their clients 24 hours a day. They now maintain more than 15 of these offices worldwide. Value and satisfaction is never an issue for AFA travel clients. ( More on what the media says about AFA . . . )

     What will I experience with my golf package and romance tour? . . .   

    meeting single women daily in addition to golfing. Once you arrive at your international 4 star hotel of your chosen destination, you will immediately have the opportunity to meet and greet the entire tour staff and all of the other members of your travel group. From that point on, your experience will become literally nothing but fun, excitement and adventure from morning into the night until the day that you depart. It is not unusual for clients to stay on for extra days, which can easily be accommodated. After breakfast, golfing members of the group will normally be transported to their chosen course of the day. Other time can be spent touring the destination city rich with culture, history and entertainment. And EVERYDAY there will be numerous opportunities for personal introductions to beautiful, single women who are there to meet you! You will be able to view profiles of the women and even request personal introductions to specific women well before you even arrive. By your second or third day you will certainly have several options for a lovely companion to accompany you through 9 or 18 holes of golf and then, perhaps, have her show you the sights and venues of her city. Your experience will be beyond your imagination (typical comments) and is impossible to explain in a few short words. Better to let many of the past clients do that for us . . . ( view written tour testimonials ) - ( view video tour testimonials ).

     Where will I be golfing and what are the country clubs like? . . .   

    club house of Moscow country club. The AFA golf package offers many unique aspects that can be found nowhere else. One of these unique aspects is the fact that you will be traveling to a foreign destination rich with different cultures and customs. You will have the opportunity of golfing at country club, public and municipal golf courses with a somewhat different flavor and customs - yet beautiful and stimulating. What could be a more exciting change of pace? What better conversation fodder than to be able to say that you have experienced golfing in countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Colombia, Costa Rica or the others? Everything you may need can be provided including golf club rentals, golfing supplies, lessons, tips and instruction, practice putting greens and ranges, transportation and even translators as needed. And, of course, a host of lovely women who are serious about meeting you and, hopefully, finding the right man to spend the rest of their life with. It is truly the experience of a lifetime - that could actually last a lifetime.

     It's a winning combination - golf and REAL singles romance!   

    On the golf course with your beautiful escort. Most of the AFA tour packages are all inclusive and span 10 to 14 days. If you are a single man who loves golf and would like to have the opportunity to find a special woman for life, then compare the prices, features and amenities of any other golf vacation package to AFA's prices, cost and features - not to mention reputation. You will find the price to be favorable in comparison and the features and opportunities of your golfing tour experience to be virtually incomparable to any other offered anywhere. You can compare these prices and find reservation information HERE. Is there anything more to consider? Get your golf clubs, equipment and supplies packed, make you reservation and get your AFA membership, then start searching and communicating with the women you hope to meet on your trip now!   . . . It could change you life forever.

    A Single Man's Dream Vacation Package All In One
    Nothing But Golf, Single Women & REAL Romance!

    It's The Most Exciting Adventure Any Single Man Will Ever Have

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